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We are committed to providing convenient solutions for day to day living.

Providing Solutions for Everyday Living

Our clients experience a better quality of life and have more time to enjoy life's daily pleasures. Tasks such as adjusting those hard-to-reach window coverings, controlling glare or protecting valuable furnishings from the sun are now simplified. At the touch of a button, window coverings can be instantly adjusted to changing activities or the varying sun conditions.

"He spent some time with us reviewing the samples and determining what we wanted."

James W.

Argyle, Texas

"We have been very pleased and will use him again."

Carl P.

Flower Mound, Texas

"Installation was ready before we were. The install was seamless."

Kevin M.

Coppell, Texas

Putting your window coverings in Motion ...quietly

DraperyKing now offers noise reduction technology with the Sonesse™ motor range by Somfy. Sonesse provides ultra-quiet operation for a variety of window coverings and is available with built-in Radio Technology Somfy® (RTS). RTS means shades can be operated from virtually anywhere in the house without direct line of sight. Similar to how a garage door opener operates, radio signals travel through walls and make it possible to control multiple coverings throughout the home alone or as a group.

Solar Film

Solar Film

Easily Adjust Hard-To-Reach Window Coverings

Now, at the touch of a button, hard-to-reach window coverings are simple to control. It's no longer necessary to climb into the bathtub, reach over furniture, step onto a stool in the kitchen or ascend a ladder in a two story foyer to adjust shades and blinds.The Telis Pure remote control is the perfect answer with a fresh clean look that matches any décor.

Conveniently Manage Glare Effortlessly Adjust Window Coverings

Motorized window coverings solve the problem of trying to adjust large or heavy shades and provide ease of use for the elderly or handicapped. The tedious task of raising and lowering a group of coverings is now simplified with the Telis Composio. This 20 channel remote control features an on-screen display for easy navigation and offers the convenience of adjusting window coverings in multiple zones throughout the home.

Solar Film

Solar Film

Automatically Protect Furnishings

One touch privacy helps create the ideal environment whether preparing for a bath, relaxing in bed or enjoying time with the family at home. And with the battery powered Decora wireless wall switch, window coverings may be controlled when entering or exiting a room, just like the lights. The switch may be seamlessly installed without wiring next to any light switch or stand alone, and is never misplaced.

Radio Technology

Door windows, skylights and specific types of building construction may create a challenge in concealing unsightly power cords. The solution is the WireFree™ Battery Powered systems by Somfy. This patented battery technology powers a variety of window coverings that install in minutes. All Radio Technology Somfy® motors are compatible with a wide selection of controls: wireless wall switches, hand-held remotes, and automated timers.

Solar Film

Solar Film

Power Options

WireFree™ Battery Powered or Plug In
For maintenance-free operation simply plug directly into standard household wall outlets. The thin power cord may be hidden top treatments, furniture or window frame molding to preserve the décor of the room.

Take comfort knowing DraperyKings full range of motors and controls are backed by a 5 year warranty. 
So quality is guaranteed.

Powered window coverings provide convenience, comfort and control-all at the touch of a button. Problems such as, glare control, privacy, security, protecting valuable furnishings and adjusting those hard-to-reach window coverings are now solved.
No matter the application.

DraperyKing motors can adapt to all types of interior window coverings. Roller/solar shades, pleated/cellular shades, 2” horizontal blinds, roman/woven shades, sheer horizontal shades or draperies. It's up to you.

Life Simplified... 

Pleated/Cellular Shades 
Roller/Solar Shades 
Roman/Woven Shades 
2” Horizontal Blinds 
Sheer Horizontal Shades 
Media Room Draperies

Solar Film

Home Motion by DraperyKing

Technology for residential applications is constantly progressing. Movements that seem natural to us, such as closing a blind manually by hand, are today considered old fashioned. Somfy has been developing window coverings motorization solutions for over thirty years. By coordinating motors and electronic controls, Home Motion by DraperyKing provides our clients with a new choice of practical and reliable solutions.

Easily adjust hard to reach window coverings 
Conveniently manage glare 
Effortlessly control large window coverings 
Automatically protect valuable furnishings 
Instantly create privacy 
Increase security 
Reduce energy costs

With a complete range of motors and controls, DraperyKing offers a variety of motorized solutions, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

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Motorized remote control Roman Shades and Solar Shades

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