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Solar Film

Eliminate harmful UV rays by 98.0%

DraperyKing offers one of the largest selections of solar control film!

DraperyKing enjoys a close association with some of the regions finest Interior Designers and Building Contractors. As an ASID Industry Partner, DraperyKing has been chosen for both residential and commercial window tinting projects.

"David was constantly making sure we were satisfied. We couldn't be happier..."

James W.

Argyle, Texas

"The window tint is fantastic. It really cuts down on the heat, but it keeps the view beautiful. "

Kevin M.

Coppell, Texas

"David is fabulous to work with.  Extremely polite and conscientious.  His pricing is very competitive."

Jamie P.

Prosper, Texas

SolarSentry and ArmorGard

SolarSentry and ArmorGard films do not contain any dyes or pigments; they do not fade, discolor or darken your home. DraperyKing films are dual pane safe. They carry a lifetime warranty on labor and materials. In addition to the limited residential and commercial product warranty coverage, select DraperyKing window films provide additional limited coverage for glass breakage and/or insulated glass (IG) unit seal failure caused by thermal stress and/or thermal expansion, resulting from the installation of an approved film-to-glass application.

Solar Film

Solar Film

The Benefits of Window Tinting

  • DraperyKing solar control films can reduce heat gain by as much as 80%.
  • This can also increase room comfort, while reducing utility cost. SolarSentry films cut harsh glare without darkening your home.
  • All of our films eliminate harmful UV rays by 98.0%. This will preserve carpets, fabrics, furniture, and wood finishes.
  • SolarSentry films increase privacy from curious onlookers. ArmorGard films provide additional safety from breaking glass and increased security from unwanted intruders.

DraperyKing is an accredited Solar Control Specialists.

DraperyKing Specializes in both residential and commercial window tinting will respond promptly and demonstrate the entire line of DraperyKing products. Then recommend the solutions best suited to reduce the different areas of sun exposure and heat throughout your house. A professional installer’s works with your schedule to quickly, carefully and unobtrusively install window tinting to enhance your home.

Solar Film

Safety and Security Window Film

SolarSentry safety and security window film is a multi-layered polyester film that transforms ordinary window glass into a shield against dangerous flying or falling shards of glass that can result in death, serious injury and extensive property damage. The multi-layered laminates of clear or tinted films use an adhesive to hold the window glass together when it is shattered by terrorist bombings, accidental explosions, or by forces of nature, thereby greatly reducing the most widespread hazard associated with blasts forces.

DraperyKing’s ArmarGard product is currently in place in many U.S. embassies and high-risk federal buildings, including the U.S. State Department headquarters in Washington, D.C., the White House, the Pentagon and most recently the U.S. Capitol.

Studies show that 64% of all burglaries occur as a result of an intruder smashing through the exterior glass to gain entry. ArmarGard film product on the front glass of your home of business creates an invisible barrier can deter entry and assist in protection against "smash and grab" burglaries. 

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ArmorGard Security Film

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